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رچل من حقبة زمنية اخرى..

اذا لاحظت اني نزلت بوست نزلته قبل فترة.. فلا تعلق. و قول يا لطيف!

August 20, 2014 at 4:55pm
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Patrick Tosani - Portraits (1985) - Color photographs & braille

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DIY Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves by Mat Brown

This is cool!!!

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August 19, 2014 at 3:18pm
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Antonio Gonzales Paucar's “Shoes that Break the Silence”

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Unlike your favourite William Golding novel, this installation is not a depiction of savagery, but an imaginative portrayal of existence.

The art world has seen many strange and unconventional mediums, such as human hair, urine, blood, and possibly anything else you could fathom. But Antonio Paucar’s tethered flies show the painstaking dedication that artists have for their work. In suspending dead flies from nylon string and delicately suspending them in some cryptic pattern, the vague representation of beiCanadian author Timothy Findley spoke once of a ‘crown of flies’ that forms around a dying or deceased creature. The ‘crown of flies’ creates a buzzing halo which immediately sticks out in our minds as an indicate of expiration and regeneration. This crown, in passing, creates a changed interpretation of life, where instead of seeing the living, we see a mere outline of what the living once was being.

The flies do not necessarily remain to represent a loss, but a depiction of life. Paucar’s installations give the viewer a sense of a lingering outline similar to a photographic negative or crime scene chalk in the road. The flies bring that notion of a missing object, but also that of an indication of life. The suspended flies hang in a cursory likeness of a person, acting as evidence of existence. The aesthetic found in the normally unsightly incident of death is brought to a different light in these installations-2009. Antonio born 1973 in Peru; Lives & works in Berlin.

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Erik SöderbergFractal Experience”

In early 2011 I was exploring the relations of geometry, nature and the human being in a series of 25 pictures that I called ”Fractal Experience”. This is part two - continuing the exploration of geometric shapes, patterns, and fractals with an added element: space-time. This time I’ve worked in 3D and produced a set of animated looping gif’s.
I’ve limited each animation to at most 48 frames, most are around 10-15 frames - to keep the file size small and to maximize the creativity with in these frames.

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‘Pigeon feeding near Blue Mosque’, 1991, Steve McCurry


‘Pigeon feeding near Blue Mosque’, 1991, Steve McCurry

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Such great details in this apartment.


Such great details in this apartment.

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August 18, 2014 at 1:00am
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Camera: Holga CFN 120. Film: Fuji Pro 400H (converted to B&W). Where: Dubai Airport.


Camera: Holga CFN 120.
Film: Fuji Pro 400H (converted to B&W).
Where: Dubai Airport.

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